"CarePet granules made the task of having 24 cats become something much simpler! I found everything I've always wanted in one granulate: absorption, odor control and practicality. In addition, I was able to do two things: increase the number of boxes at home and end pee outbreaks. Being able to save the amount of granules I have spent is great, but seeing my happy, healthy cats using quality granules is really priceless!


"Dirty box, yeewww! With the granules, we keep the cats' paws, the box, and the house clean, no more dust! "


"We're already using it here and it's super approved! No sand in the house, no smell and the best! Super economical !! "


"The pee smell around the house is over! No more huge bags full of litter sand."



"Because our box only comes with the best: CarePet Wood Hygienic Granule"



"It's the best bathroom product for our pets!"

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